About The Book

Marriage to Lieutenant Wickham is not part of Lydia Bennet’s plans. He was a means to an end, a guide to Derbyshire, and nothing more. However, when she arrives at Willow Hall in his company, her relatives see the situation differently.  Unwilling to be forced into a marriage with Wickham, Lydia flees into the night.

When Marcus Dobney goes to check on his mother’s cottage, he discovers the pretty yet vexing Lydia Bennet hiding in it.  Although she is determined to continue on her way, Marcus is resolved to see her safely back to her family at Willow Hall — no matter how much she protests!

Thwarted in her attempt to flee and willing to sacrifice to be free of Wickham, Lydia develops another plan, but getting her family to accept her ideas and view her as anything other than foolish and silly will require help. Thankfully, Marcus is just the friend she needs. With his help, Lydia, as well as her family and the many new friends she finds in Derbyshire, will discover her true potential.  However, when this plan does not go exactly as expected, will Marcus trust both his heart and Lydia’s potential, or will he walk away?